Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) 

WRAP is universal ― it is for anyone any time for any of life's challenges.


Key elements of WRAP:                                            


  • Wellness Toolbox
  • Daily Maintenance Plan
  • Identifying Triggers and an Action Plan                          
  • Identifying Early Warning Signs and an Action Plan
  • Identifying When Things Are Breaking Down and an Action Plan
  • Crisis Planning
  • Post Crisis Planning


WRAP has been developed by a group of people who experience mental health challenges. They learned that they can identify what makes them well and then use their own wellness tools to relieve difficult feelings and maintain wellness. The result has been recovery and long-term stability(1).

Your WRAP is designed and developed by you in practical, day to day terms and can be a key tool in improving you health and staying well. It does not necessarily replace traditional treatments but can be used to complement other treatment options you have chosen (1).

Through developing your own WRAP you will identify things that most benefit you and your particular situation. You will learn how to use these strategies when you need them, on an everyday basis or when you have a particular feeling or experience.

WRAP planning also includes Crisis Planning (an Advance Directive) that lets others know how you want them to respond when you cannot make decisions, take care of yourself, or keep yourself safe, and a Post Crisis plan to guide you through the often difficult time when you are healing from a crisis (1).

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1. Mary Ellen Copeland, WRAP & recovery books website, http://www.mentalhealthrecovery.com/


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