Advance Directives for Mental Health

An advanced directive or advanced statement is an opportunity for you to think about who you would like to support and work with you when things go wrong and you require mental health care. It is possible that when things are going badly for you that you may not be clear headed and able to advocate on your own behalf. An advanced directive can be used at this time to let others know: 

  • what you think
  • what services you would like,
  • who you would like to support you,
  • what helps you
  • what things are unhelpful when you are unwell. 

While the advanced directive is not legally binding it does give services the opportunity to hear your wishes and consider these in treatment planning. While you are feeling well is a good time to write down your wishes. Have a look at the suggestions on the following link if you would like to consider writing an advanced directive (advanced statement).

To complete your advanced directive online click here


1. Mental Health Legal Centre


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