relationships xsmallRelationships are an important part of life, whether they are with a partner, friends or family. They can be a great way to have fun, create a special  bonds, as well as learn about yourself and others.

You might have a sense that a relationship is happy and going well when you:

  • Can laugh and enjoy someone's company
  • Feel safe and supported
  • Provide safety and support
  • Share ideas and feelings
  • Respect each other

Every relationship is unique, and you may have your own way of knowing that a relationship is right for you. Even when a relationship is going well, it is important that you still put effort into it and don't take the relationship for granted. Be aware of what you need in a relationship as well as what other people need. This way, your relationships have the best chance of growing and continuing to be strong and healthy (1).

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1. ReachOut (2012)

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