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Journaling (or expressive writing) is a strategy that some people use to cope with and express their emotions and feelings. Whether you are dealing with changes in relationships, grief and loss, have had a fight with a friend or family member, or are just feeling lonely or down, journaling can be a productive way to cope with your emotions. Using journaling as an emotional outlet, you will have a place to vent your thoughts and deal with tough situations (1).

Journaling Activity:

Here's How:

  1. Buy yourself a special journal or notebook that you are drawn too, so you will want to pick it up and write in it
  2. Keep your journal confidential, always write as if no-one will ever read it. Keep it in a safe place. If you later decide to show someone, that is your choice
  3. Use your journal to let out your true feelings and thoughts. If you are angry with someone, lonely, sad, stressed, worried, write it. Being true to yourself when writing aids in the healing process and can provide a sense of relief
  4. Write freely. When putting thoughts on paper, write your thoughts openly as they come to you. You don't have to think about what you are going to write, just let it come naturally to you. Let your instincts guide your writing so that you begin coping with your innermost feelings
  5. Listen to music for inspiration. You may be so used to hiding your emotions is daily life that you find it difficult to let them out into your journal. Play sad or angry music to draw out your feelings and inspire you
  6. Prioritise your journaling. Whenever you are experiencing difficult emotions, use your journal. Frequent journaling helps you to deal and cope with your emotions on a continuous basis


Don't worry about your grammar, spelling or punctuation. Your journaling is not being marked. Just put your thoughts on paper as they come, with no thought as to how they sound. Remember, you are the only one who is going to read your journal (unless you chose to give it to someone to read)


1. How to cope with feelings through journaling, 2011

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