Seeking support, diagnosis and treatment for me was a major step. I knew that things weren’t quite right in my life, but always thought it was me that was the issue. That I was just unmotivated, not good enough or interesting enough to be around, I wasn’t very good at my job, I took things too personally. But when I started having difficulty sleeping and lost interest in food and my favourite activities, my wife encouraged me to seek out assistance from my GP and then the community mental health team.

She has been a major support to me, she would tell me that it wasn’t “me” but something more serious that was going on, for awhile I didn’t believe her but thought she was just trying to make me feel better. I now realise I had to come to this understanding for myself but I know she stayed optimistic and hopeful for the future long before I was able to, despite how difficult things sometimes were.

I still have bad days occasionally, but engaging in a variety of treatments, including taking medication and seeing a psychologist, I have been able to develop strategies that work for me, so that I too stay positive and hopeful about life and the future. I am back at work, seeing my friends and back enjoying life.

I regularly attend a support group and I have met a lot of people who also suffer depression. I find this group extremely valuable, sharing experiences and strategies and learning from others. I have developed some new friendships and look forward to each session as an opportunity to expand my understanding of not only depression but all kinds of experiences. It also provides opportunity to show others that there is a way forward from depression and that recovery is possible. I have genuinely seen a change in people when they see and discover hope. I believe that hope plays an extremely important role in the recovery process and looking towards a positive future.


Recovery is possible for everyone - it is a process of change, through which you can improve your health and wellness, live a self directed life, and strive to reach your full potential

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