I was diagnosed with depression a couple of years ago. It was a difficult time for me and my family. I felt nervous but also relief when I finally sought help and was told I had depression.

Once you accept your diagnosis it gives you the power of information. You know what is wrong, which means you can start seeking answers. Receiving my diagnosis gave me the courage to fight it, it was just an illness which I could overcome, it wasn’t “me” that was the problem like I thought.

To harness the potential of hope is to create positive change. I truly believe it can manifest positive change, like painting your future onto a blank page.


Tammy is my best friend and I never doubted that she would get better and recover. But sometimes I think she did. So I just made sure that I encouraged her and told her how hopeful I was that she would get better and that there would be good and bad days but that I would be here for her. I think this helped her to know that there was someone holding hope for her even when she couldn’t.

When we first were told he had schizophrenia Cameron said he felt relieved, it gave him an answer to the confusion he had been experiencing. For me, well at first I was confused, shocked, even frightened. I was worried about what it would mean for Cameron, our family, the future. But I had hope and a belief that this was another of lifes challenges that we could and would overcome.

Recovery is possible for everyone - it is a process of change, through which you can improve your health and wellness, live a self directed life, and strive to reach your full potential

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