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Top things to do this month to keep yourself well.

  1. Participate in a random act of kindness. Click here for some inspiration
  2. Compliment a collegue, friend or family member on a job well done.
  3. Boost your memory. Immediately after 20 minutes of yoga your brain will be more efficent at taking in and retaining any new information that comes its way.
  4. Cook a healthy meal to share with a friend or family member
  5. Visit positively positive and read some of their health and wellbeing tips

  • Tammy's Story

    Tammy is my best friend and I never doubted that she would get better and recover. But sometimes I think she did. So I just made sure that I encouraged her and told her how hopeful I was that...

  • Adrian's Story

    To harness the potential of hope is to create positive change. I truly believe it can manifest positive change, like painting your future onto a blank page.  

  • familyCameron's Story

    When we first were told he had schizophrenia Cameron said he felt relieved, it gave him an answer to the confusion he had been experiencing. For me, well at first I was confused, shocked, even frig...

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