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MY HEALTH, MY LIFE! is a group program, followed by individual health coaching over a six month period provided by Albury Wodonga Health. The group component is held for two hours a week over a four week period. At the end of the group component, you are assigned your own health coach to help you achieve and maintain health goals and positive healthy behaviours. 

"I am understanding my body, learning to listen to my body"

"I can talk to my wife and children about how I am feeling. I wasn't able to do this before group"

 "I used to always listen and do what they said, now if a tablet isn't agreeing with me, I tell them and they listen"

 "I speak my mind now and tell her how I feel ... I use "I" words. I have learnt this since MY HEALTH, MY LIFE!"

 "I have more positive thinking, more self belief"

 "I used to stress, not now, I've learnt to accept my condition"

"Before the course I wasn't doing much at all. For me the mind is a huge thing – I always had ANTs. Without the course I think I'd still be there, sitting in the house doing nothing much"

"I'm more healthy on the inside. Definitely not the same person who went to that group... Positive comes up a lot, but I am. I feel different"

"I went and bought a car, it (the course) built confidence and self esteem"

"I couldn't wash my hair, couldn't lift my arms, now I use my exercise bike and treadmill everyday... now diabetes control is the best it's ever been and my weight is under control"

MY HEALTH, MY LIFE! aims to motivate and inform you of strategies to ensure that you stay on top of your health. It motivates and encourages you to think differently about your health so you manage the effects of living with long term health conditions. You learn to accept your health and take ownership of it, as well developing skills to manage symptoms and get more out of appointments with health professionals.

It (MHML!) put the ownership back on you, I can't expect others to look after me, others have their own lives

"I learnt to accept my condition, in a personal sense, not a medical sense. I look in the mirror, it's a part of me and I accept it"

"I used to say 'unwell', now I explain better"

"I ask questions at the doctors, I never used to ask questions before the program. I am more confident to ask and get more details"

Program content

Session 1: Who's the expert in your health? Making a healthy change. Strategies to make changes easier.

Session 2: Symptom monitoring and management. Medical Action Plans. Relaxation and controlled breathing techniques.

Session 3: Communicating with health professionals. Working through your emotions.

Session 4: What services and activities are around to support you. Health Coaching.

Health Coaching Sessions: A one hour individual coaching session followed by ongoing telephone coaching support to help you get the most out of life.

Who can attend?

The course is aimed at people who have long term health conditions such as diabetes, lung conditions such as emphysema, heart conditions, kidney failure, and arthritis.

Carers/partners are also welcome to attend.

Participants must live in the Albury-Wodonga area or the Upper Hume region


$7.00 per group session ($28.00 total)

How to enrol

The program is run by Albury Wodonga Health – Wodonga.

To enrol phone: (02) 6051 7400.

Simply tell the receptionist that you are interested in doing MY HEALTH, MY LIFE!



Every aspect of your life — the place you live, the people you live with, your friends and acquaintances, the things you do or don’t do, the things you own, your work, even things like pets, music, and colour affect how you feel.

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