Jarrah PARC

 Victoria's first short stay public Mental Health and Wellbeing Retreat. 


Jarrah PARC is a short stay residential resource available to people who are a part of the Albury Wodonga Health Adult Mental Health Services. Jarrah PARC provides a safe and supportive place to learn and practice living skills. Set it a peaceful and private environment it provides a place to for you to build confidence and make positive, sustainable changes.

During your stay (up to 28 days) skilled staff will work along side you to inspire hope and support your exploration of healthy living while you discover your way forward.


Is Jarrah Retreat for me?

- Am I 16-64 years old?

- Am I engaged with Albury Wodonga Health's Adult Mental Health Services?

- Am I frequently feeling overwhelmed and worried that I am sliding backwards and want to do something about it before i need a stay in hospital?

- Do I need some extra short term support in a place that gives me choices about my stay?

- Am I needing a place to practice everyday living skills?

- Do I need an emotionally safe, respectful and tranquil place to re-energise and rejuvenate?

- Do I need to develop and put into action a wellbeing program for better physical health?


If you answered yes to some/all of the above and would like more information, please contact your support person at Albury Wodonga Health's Adult Mental Health Service.



24 Jarrah Street Wodonga

P: 02 60517587

F: 02 60565069

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